Saturday, October 1, 2011

Milani Nail Polish in Dressmaker (Chanel Jade Dupe)

I can still remember seeing the Jade nail polish and the Jade accessories from Chanel. I loved it, and yet I can't remember why I didn't purchase any.  Well the jokes on me, and pretty much everyone else who slept on this polish.  At prices as high as $400 a bottle, Chanel Jade is like the ultimate unicorn pee for me.  I have pretty much given up ever owning a bottle.  I am quite happy with my dupe that was given to me.  Milani Dressmaker has such a close shimmer to the infamous Jade, and at only £4 a bottle, I think that the empty hole in my collection (where Jade should be) will slowly start to be fill up now that I have the Milani dupe.

Sorry that I don't have many photos for you.  Right after I started to take photos, I was clumsy and knocked over my bottle of remover all over the table.  That was NOT smart, especially when I was doing is next to hundreds of dollars of my husband's studio equipment. OOPS!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy none the less..

Indoor lighting

Direct sunlight

I started to think about the insane prices of nail polish, and I thought to myself would I even spend that kind of dough on nail polish? Let's say that one day you found $400 on the street, would you spend that on a bottle of Jade? Or any rare polish for that matter? As much as I love nail polish (you all know I do), I don't think so.  I'd probably revamp my wardrobe, or invest in a new a computer, camera, heck even furniture with it.  It's not just Jade, but Essie's starry starry night, Clarins 230, Versace W2077, etc. etc. Who are these rare women on ebay that are spending hundreds on rare polishes?
I'd love to see their collection!

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