Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Nail Polish Collection

I should call the title of this post, "my dwindling nail polish collection".  I have made a decision recently that it is far better for me to have money in the bank than have an amazing nail polish collection.  Isn't it sad when you have to be an adult and make choices like this?  
I can't complain however, because there are many people out there that would think that owning 10 polishes is enough.  I did an inventory last night at 3am (don't ask me why I was up that late) and I am now down to 124 polishes.  In reality, that's still a lot of nail polishes, but considering a month ago I had 185ish, this is really scary for me for some reason lol.

So now...all my polishes fit in one drawer.  So this post is about two things.  First, it's to show you my nail polish storage.  Which really is just a drawer lol. And second, it is to show you my nail polish collection. 

Some of my friends reading this will be either think one of the following:
1. Why on earth would Sue sell her polishes?
2. Why on earth does Sue have so many polishes?

Either way, I'm happy with this decision I made.  I'm learning how to be a rational consumer than a hoarder (no offense, I'm not calling people with a large beauty collection a hoarder, I've just felt that I was in this really bad cycle of hoarding), and overall I'm learning day by day how to appreciate, enjoy and actually use what I have.

So here is my collection all in my drawer.  It is grouped by brand.  I wouldn't really recommend this type of storage, because it's really hard to see what you actually have.  But it is really expensive to have a wall unit, especially if you have hundreds of polishes.


  1. Not gonna lie I'm pretty good at hoarding so I'll do it for the both of us. :)

  2. I think you've got a great collection. May as well keep only the polishes you love and are going to use. I bet it makes choosing your polish to wear easier. Do I spot a Milani Dressmaker in your draw? <--- jealous!

  3. Yep, it's milani dressmaker given to me by someone off of tpf xx