Sunday, October 16, 2011

Matte is Back - Chanel Pirate Matte dupe

Being the leader in fashion and a big factor in nail polish fads, Chanel is now campaigning for the return of the matte.  I think matte was a huge look back in 2008 and earlier, and has died down a little bit in recent years.  But with the new collection, Chanel has released a matte topcoat to accompany Pirate, Rose Exuberant, and Rose cache.

I never stopped liking matte.  It's a look that people either love love love or hate.  So I was very happy to see that Chanel came out with the matte topcoat.

It's not in my budget lately to spend money on the Chanel matte, but I'm still going to bust out my Essie version to show you the look I made today.

If you have any blue red/true hollywood red polish, then this look can be yours too.

I used my Mavala Elle Red polish. 
Ok rant time - I hate this polish.  I understand it was free with the magazine and that prevents me from being too disgruntled with it, but considering Mavala charges £4+ for a tiny tiny bottle, I really expected more.  The colour bled like no other, and it just didn't apply smoothly.  I just wasn't overly impressed, and this will deter me from purchasing future Mavala polishes.
But for this exercise, it will have to do :)

I'm really loving the red matte look right now!

This manicure took me longer than any other manicure before.
Yeah this one is definitely going to a new home lol

 Now how awesome is the matte over the blood red?
Love it!

Sure it's not Chanel, but
nobody will's our little secret :)

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