Sunday, October 9, 2011

September's Recycled Products

Armed with warm honey and lemon and dayquill that I smuggled in from the states, I am writing my monthly recycle message.  I feel like I used more products this month, but this is what came out of my recycle bag.  

I do these kinds of posts, so that my frequent messages of recycling will become like second nature to all my readers.  :p Annoying? yes, but if one person sees how easy it is for me to recycle my beauty products, then maybe she will do it. 
Also, this is my opportunity to talk about the products that I really enjoyed using up too :)
Of this lot, the items that I am sad to see go was the Dior Capture eye cream, Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale skincare cream,  Aveda water hand cream, and the Qtica lip balm.  
All these products smelled so good, and really moisturizing in a non-greasy way.  They sunk into my skin, and really made my skin feel very supple.  Sadly, they are all also very expensive, so I will have to have a long think about whether I am going to save up to shell out the dough.  I will eventually get them all again in the future, just have to use up the items that I'm currently using.

So off to the recycle counters they go!
And as my homemade chicken soup is cooking, I'll be posting up my nail swatches from yesterday.
See you again real soon xx

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