Sunday, October 2, 2011

Boots 17 Hide & Chic Eye Brightening Concealer in Light Beige

Do you all know that you can print out vouchers at the pink Advantage machines inside Boots?  You basically put your advantage card, and there are coupons for you to print and use.  I checked and there was 1/2 off of this product, so I figured why not.  I initially wanted to get it, because I was using so much of my YSL touche eclat and I didn't want to run out, because it's so expensive.  I think I also got it, because I ended up getting this for free, because Boots is having their awesome 3 for 2 sale.

RRP £4.99

That was many weeks ago, and last week I started to actually use it.
It's a twist pen and comes with a brush head.  When you twist, the product comes out and you just brush it on under your eye and anywhere else that you need brightening.

I think I want my money back.  It seriously took about 20+ twists in order to get any product to come out first initially, and when it did eventually come out, it was watery. Instant turn off right there (::stink face:::).  So I had to keep twisting, and waste more product just to get the real cream concealer to come out.  I wasn't pleased with the texture or the finish of the product.  There wasn't enough concealing or highlighting to make any difference.  It felt cheap and heavy on.  Maybe I feel this way, because I'm so use to the YSL version, but I really had high hopes for 17, because I love their matte lip glosses so much!

 Perhaps, this product could work if it was mixed with a highlighter, but on it's own, it's a bit of a flop. I'll give it one last go before putting it in my donation pile. I wasn't happy about the overall product, and I won't be repurchasing this again...voucher or no voucher.

Has anyone used this before?
Same experience or different?

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