Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Long Review on Clarisonic Mia

This is going to be a very long long post. So if you have no interest in purchasing the Clarisonic Mia, then I don't think this is the post for you.  This review is long overdue, but I really wanted to use this for a very long time before even attempting to review it on my blog.  The truth of the matter is, I have had a roller coaster time with the Clarisonic Mia.  I still use it every now, but I had to sit and think about whether I was going to give this a rave review or rant.  Unfortunately this post will be a mixed review.  It may actually leave some of you confused as to which side of the coin that I stand on. I will give you my honest opinion about this product, since it is a very pricey luxury beauty tool.

First, I wanted to discuss why I purchased this tool.  I seen the commercials, saw it online, and read about 100 reviews before saving up my pennies to purchase this MIA.  In the states, I purchased this for $120 at beauty.com during one of their promotions.  I got a large suitcase full of beauty goodies with a purchase over $100, so I figured that it was a good time to buy.  Yes I wavered back and forth about purchasing this.  Prior to this, I have used the Shiseldo face brush, the Sephora face brush, and one other no name face brush.  I thought to myself that the Clarisonic Mia would be better, because it would spin faster than my heavy hand could ever spin.  I toiled about the price, and even priced out the daily price of it.  I'm very frugal, so when I mean I toiled, I really did.  I spoke to a lot of my online beauty guru friends as well.  The opinion was split down the middle, because of the price and never about the product itself.  So I took the plunge.  I couldn't believe I bought it.  It arrived in a few days, and I basically sat looking at it. Scared to do anything to it, in case it broke and I was out $120. 

Well I let it charge for 24 hours, and the first day I used it, it really really made a difference.  When I mean a difference, it made my face feel tight.  It actually shocked my face I believe! It got rid of my bumps that I had, and made my face feel extremely soft.  I couldn't see a visual difference, but it was a different feeling.  I continued to use it for about 3 months everyday, twice a day, and when I went into get a facial, the esthetican said to me that I didn't have anymore blackheads.  I use to always have blackheads and went under minutes of pain while they squeezed it out of my face.  So that alone gave me reason to believe that my face brush was working!  I especially liked how my breakouts occurred less often.  I didn't change my diet, so it wasn't that.  I ruled out all the other factors like stress and environmental stresses to the face.  I was actually more stressed at work, and being exposed to the sun more often (I was living in Miami).  So it definitely was down to my clarisonic brush.  Oh before I forget, the thing that I hated the most about the brush was that it made me sneeze every time I ran it over my nose.  This brush does make your hand tingle and will make parts of your face tingle too, because the brush is moving at such a rapid speed.  I even read on a forum that a girl started to get eye twitching.  So when I say that this thing runs at a fast speed, it really does.  So I was very pleased with my product.  It became a staple of my daily face routine.  I travelled with it, it literally came everywhere that I went.  Then 14 months later, it broke on me.

The bloody thing stopped rotating.  It was charging just fine, because the little light that goes on and out when it is charging was steal blinking.  I was devastated! What am I suppose to do without my Clarisonic.  I immediately went to my box that I saved, and called Clarisonic.  I was panicking! I didn't want to be out of  $120!!!! I didn't want to even think that I was out of warranty. Lo and behold, I was out of the warranty for the MIA.  Just an fyi, if you buy the regular size Clarisonic there is a 2 year warranty, but only 1 year for the MIA.  I was so upset.  I called and spoke to customer service directly at Clarisonic.  They would not help me.  They stood by the entire warranty guideline and wouldn't budge.  I couldn't believe it!  Then I tried Beauty.com, and obviously they said no as well.  I couldn't believe that only 14 months later, my Clarisonic broke and I wasn't able to get another one unless I spent another $120.  I was not going to do that!!

So I basically wrote Clarisonic customer service another email.  Basically begging, and I got a response stating that they think the handle (the actual brush) is what's broken and that would cost me $60 to replace.  Then, they continued on to say that they weren't sure if it is the brush, so to be safe that I should buy another charger as well.  That would be another $60.  So why in the world would I buy a refurbished handle and charger for $120 hahaha.  I could go online again and buy it again.  So I responded to the email stating this.  I didn't hear anything back from them.  No surprise.

Clarisonic brush that charges, but no brush to use on my face.  During this time, my face started to get rough and bumpy patches again, and I started to break out more.  I was super bummed out.  So...I tried my luck again with a follow up email to our previous conversation.  This time the Gods were looking down upon me! The nicest customer service agent told me that Clarisonic USA couldn't do anything for me, but to contact Clarisonic UK! I wasn't in the UK at that time, so it was odd that they told me to ask them.  I sent one email to Clarisonic UK, and they said that they would replace the handle for me!!!!! I was jumping up and down!  But here's the catch! and you won't believe this.  Clarisonic UK said that they could send me a replacement, but it had to be sent to a USA address.  I have NO idea why, but I didn't ask and I gave them my address.  I was leaving for UK that week, so I had it shipped to my friends address. 
I have no idea how or why Clarisonic USA wouldn't help me, but Clarisonic UK would and then had to send it to the US address.  That left me really baffled, but I was happy that I was getting it again.

See....so the whole experience with Clarisonic left me very mixed.  On one hand, it was so expensive and they are known to break, but on the other hand, they really worked on my skin.  I don't know my friends.... it's a very expensive tool that does break! and when it does break after warranty, you are screwed.  I did get my replacement, and it has been working now for 7 months.  I honestly don't know what to do when it breaks again.  I can't even fathom the thought!  Also, remember when purchasing this brush that the brush head is sold separately and cost $25 (or 2 for $40 at Nordstroms).  It's a pricey tool, and if money is not the object then definitely purchase this, but if money is a factor (like myself) then this is something you have to think about long and hard.  I've enjoyed the Clarisonic during the time that I've had it, but I had a large gap where I didn't have it, and it drove me nuts.

I think that if it breaks again, I may have to buy one second hand and hope that it isn't too expensive to replace, but I refuse to spend another $120 for a new one.  So I'm afraid that my post is not a straight forward rant or rave.  You will have to decide based on your needs if this is worth it for you.  For me, it is necessary but it's an necessary evil that I wish I didn't get accustomed too.

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