Sunday, October 23, 2011


I wanted to say a huge thank you to Incoco for sponsoring this blog giveaway!
Also, and the most obvious...a huge thank you to all the people who have entered the blog giveaway.

I am very pleased to announce the winner as I think this lovely gal is very deserving of winning, and she's just mega awesome.

So the lucky winner is....


Thank you all again!

I actually made a mistake in calculating the winner of this blog giveaway. It was definitely unintentional, and it wasn't until someone left a comment that I realised that I didn't factor in all the different ways that people entered.  I was working on so many different things at once, that I definitely miscalculated. Unfortunately, Incoco has already shipped off the package to the winner listed above.  I can only say that I am very sorry about my error; however, I don't appreciate comments stating that it was intentional.  It's not "funny" that I know the person who is listed above, because I know 80% of the people that entered this blog giveaway very well.  I am going to recalculate the entries again (correctly this time) and e-mail the new winner tonight.  Once again, I am sorry! No one is perfect and people make mistakes. I'm not above admitting my error, but if you have an issue with me, try to send me an email and not an anonymous comment.

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