Saturday, October 22, 2011

Verity Nail Lacquer in G11 Celebrity

I needed a pick me up this morning.  It's amazing how many different forms that haters come in, but oh well...I'm going to be me and stay me.
So what better way to lighten up the mood then to slather on layers and layers of glitter?  
But not just any glitter....holo large hexagram glitter. BAM! did the job!

I'm new to this brand and thanks to a friend in the states, I was able to try this polish.  I'm not going to go into formula or anything like that, because this is just one STUNNER of a polish.

The holographic glitters are plentiful in this polish.

4 layers on each finger, next time I'll use a different base, but your nails will get noticed with this polish on.

This is a keeper!

Something of this polish and the name of it reminds me of a night out on the town, and for some odd reason, it reminds me of this tune. lol.  Something blingtastic about the polish goes with this type of tune.


It goes with the tune doesn't it?
Happy Saturday everyone. I'll be doing ebaying, cleaning, blogging this weekend - no work..absolutely none!

Enjoy your time off, and don't forget to enter my blog giveaway as it ends tomorrow.

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