Sunday, February 5, 2012

30 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 16 A celebrity whose fashion you don't like

Yikes, this is going to be a mean but honest post.  I don't like talking about celebrities, because they do nothing for me.  Also, it's hard to pick a celebrity whose fashion I don' t like, because most celebrities are advised by fashion consultants, so it's not really the celebrities I'm insulted, but the behind the scenes professional.

Having said that, I know you guys want to, my pick would be not just one celebrity in particular, but any celebrities that wears and supports Abercrombie and Fitch.   It's not so much the fashion I don't like (which I personally don't care for as to me it looks like expensive farmer's clothes but I absolutely detest their discriminatory policies and their racist t-shirts.

If you like A&F, please stick around to read this, as it's important for fans to read what type of company they are supporting!  If any company wants to know what not to do, they just need to watch what A& F have been doing.
Reason #1:
Racial t-shirts - Look, I know how to have a good laugh, but there is a difference between internal jokes about your own people.  For instance, I can make a joke about Koreans, why? Because I am one. You think that's unfair? Well tough sh*t, that's just how it goes.  A&F market to a certain demographics, it just happens to be middle class - upper class Caucasians.  I didn't pick their demographics, they did. So when you have t-shirts making fun of Asian people when your demographics isn't Asian, that is flat out racist.  If I see anyone with this t-shirt on, I will give that person an ear full, trust.  I would never go around totting t-shirts that offended anyone - white, black, Asian, Latino, whatever you way, I'm just not that idiotic or insensitive.

I'm not making this up.

Reason #2:

Their history of discrimination lawsuits. Yep, it's factual and they lost.

On April 14, 2005, a settlement required the company to pay $40 million to several thousand minority and female plaintiffs who charged the company with discrimination.  Not only did they lose tons of money, but they were also ordered to change and modify many internal procedures and adhere to fair employment practices.

So for me, any celebrity that sports A&F and gives a company like this more publicity is on my "hate" list.  Sorry this fun topic turned into a bit of a heated political rant, but I feel that being a consumer is a powerful tool.  Our money goes to companies that do something with it.  I will never support a company that offended any race.  This topic just hits close to home, because I am Asian, and I've been subjected to many racial situations, and to have a successful American company print millions of shirts like this, was highly offensive to me and that's why I boycott them.

I post will be light hearted lol.


  1. Good on you! Totally agree with you x

  2. The t-shirts are fake... if they was real it would have said Abercrombie & Fitch NOT Abercrombie and fitch

    1. This was on the news too, i'm american and remember this scandal very clearly. I widh it wasn't true but it is

  3. maybe it was from a fake site :P