Sunday, February 26, 2012

Changes to the blog

With the new google privacy policy taking into effect in less than a week, I will be thinking about what I write on this blog in the future.  It is quite sad as I do enjoy using the blogger platform, but at the same time the new changes bother me greatly.  For example, if I type one day about how depressed I'm feeling, I don't want it logged that I'm a manic depressive and google sending me ads for drugs.  You see why this data harvesting is very concerning for me.

So I will think it over in the next as to if I keep this blog strictly for product placement such as hauls and reviews and eliminate all personality from it?  I guess it wouldn't be that bad, expect that I do like to put in a little bit of me into each post. 

So that's to be determined...

but there is always a compromise.  I've been wanting to incorporate something that is very meaningful to my life into my daily posts .... MUSIC.  Perhaps, by adding music to the end of my posts, you guys can suss out my mood that day without having me write it out so that google can manipulate their ads and try to maximize their profits off of my searches and entries.

So either way, it has been a wonderful year of blogging with freedom, but I guess this is the future of the virtual world.