Sunday, February 5, 2012

30 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 18 Favourite beauty expert and Day 19 favourite look from a beauty expert

Day 18 Can I have two? or more than two?  Well, my favourite beauty expert is a person who many deem as their favourite beauty expert.  She's a professional makeup artist, and has a successful youtube channel...yep, Lisa Eldridge.

Why do I love her so much:
1.  Classic looking, yet has her finger on what's trendy
2.  Excellent verbal teaching skills - Thanks to her, I apply foundation correctly now lol
3.  Very professional in her youtube videos
4.  Her personality is pleasant, and draws me into watching her

I'm sure you all know who she is, but just in case some non beauty addict stumbles across my page, here is her Youtube channel.

Here are some of my favourite videos from her:




Also, my other favourite beauty expert is actually other bloggers.  I would be completely lost if there weren't so many bloggers out there.  I honestly never purchase anything without searching for reviews.  So to all the beauty bloggers out there - kudos to you all and keep doing your thing. If you'd like, please leave a comment below with your blog - I love reading new blogs xx

Day 19 was so similar to Day 18, so I am doing them all in one post.  My favourite look from a beauty expert is actually one from Lisa Eldridge.  So let me share with you the video that inspired me greatly.

Who's your favourite beauty expert?

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