Saturday, February 11, 2012

Guest Post: Kissable Lip Colours for Shop MAC Cook MAC in So Vain and Woo Me

Kissable Lip Colours for Shop MAC Cook MAC

MAC’s large Shop MAC Cook MAC Collection that is online now and hits counters in the US on 16th of this month contains some familiar products, right? The Kissable Lip Colours first made an appearance in last year’s Peacocky collection. Enchantée, So Vain, Woo Me, Flaunting It, and Scan-delicious have made a reappearance in Shop MAC Cook MAC. Those who missed out the first time will want to grab some this time around.
MAC’s Kissable Lip Colours are like a liquid lipstick, and they even have the same vanilla, sweet caramel smell and taste that are associated with MAC lipsticks. The formula is smooth, pigmented, long lasting (though not as long as a lipstick), non-drying, and feel creamy on the lips. They are a great product that I hope MAC has the good sense to make permanent.
I have 5 shades of Kissable Lip Colours, but only 2 from Shop MAC. I plan to buy one or two more to get the shades I skipped last time. Pretty sure I need Scan-delicious. As of this posting these are all still on stock, so you have plenty of time to narrow down some choices.
Cost: $19 USD
Availability: MAC stores, counter, and online

So Vain

Woo Me

Guest Post written by Leticia from Comestics Afcionada.
Tokki & Oliver is so pleased to have a guest post from Comestics Afcionada .  Hailing from Washington, USA,  her love for beauty products is evident on her amazing beauty blog, so don't forget to stop by there.
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