Wednesday, February 1, 2012

30 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 9 Favourite pair of shoes

Welcome to Day 9
My Favourite Pair of Shoes

This is going to be a very cliche post, because it's a pair of shoes that I wanted for sooo long, all due to a certain movie called Sex in the City.

I really didn't want to succumb to the 2 hour long advertisement, but it worked, and I was left drooling over these shoes.  I spent endless nights thinking of them, and found every which way to penny pinch so that I could afford these shoes.

But one just wasn't enough, I loved these shoes so much, that I ended up buying 2, and if the 3rd pair came up cheap somewhere, I'd probably buy them too.  They are comfortable, sexy, and versatile.

I want to apologize about not having photos of it today, I just walked through the door, and the sun is down now :(  but here are some teaser pics......

These are my Christian Dior "Extreme Gladiator" Sandals

Sadly, I'm not able to wear these year round, but I do save these for special occasions.
Since these were sold out, I'm not positive where you can pick these up, but of course you can always look on auction sites like evilbay and such.  They retailed for $685, and after the season was over, they even went down as far as $250, so good luck if you like these and want a pair for yourself.

Come and share with me your favourite pair of shoes :)

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