Tuesday, January 31, 2012

30 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 08 A photo of you getting fashion wrong

Hello lovelies.  Ok, to today's challenge is a funny one, because as much as I want to believe that I never got fashion wrong.....I think we all did, right? lol!  So come along and read about my journey in fashion and just how wrong I got it haha.

Sadly, I have no photos of me getting fashion wrong (they do exist tho). I did find this photo today so I wanted to share it with you all.  It actually shows the contrary haha, I think I was getting fashion quite right from the beginning (thanks to my mom) lol

Red shoes were hot back then as they are now haha

Ok ..... so here goes my embarassing tale of how I got fashion wrong :)

It all started when I was 11 years old.
I got a hold of a bottle of sun-in, do you guys remember that? It was a spray that supposedly made your hair lighter.  It sure did, a light shade of orange.

Then at the age of 12, I started to wear penny loafer with an actual penny in them, as I was heavily influenced by my preppy brother's friends, preppy kids at my church, and the emergence of GAP.
Yep, penny loafers - good old copper brown penny loafers (vomits)

I then rebelled against the preppy me, and I started to dye my hair lighter and lighter until it was wrecked and almost blonde.  Yep, I was blonde before all these kawaii girls who now all dye their hair all shades of brown and blonde haha.  So as I was saying...my rebellion began. 

I started to get heavily influenced by yo mtv raps reruns, MTV, BET, and the emergence of r&b groups.  I wore really baggy jeans, chinos, sparkingly white reeboks, tight tight tight tops (when I wasn't wearing huge cross colour t-shirts), huge gold earrings (hey still wear those lol) dark lip pencil that outlined my lips with a nude lipsticks on top (of course I never blended), and I wore my hair in a tight ass bun most of the days.  Yep the 90's were full in effect, and I rocked it like there was no tomorrow. TOTAL FAIL! lol

Then when I turned 16, I decided i would dress like a slut. lol!!!! My skirts got shorter for some reason, my heels got higher, and I seriously should not have been allowed out the house.  There is no reason to ever let someone see your knickers girls! NEVER hahaha.  Of course my parents didn't know I dressed like this, I changed once I got to school.  Not a good look.

I finally got some sense around 17-18, when Ibegan to dress like a normal person as I started to get internships and work.  I also noticed all the fashion designers (thanks to all the hip hop videos that were huge walking advertisements).  My eyes opened and I never looked back.

So are you guys done shaking your head and laughing at me? Share with your fashion faux pas :)


  1. I made the Sun In mistake too LOL!

    That picture of you is too cute! :)

    1. hahaha, See those Sun-in people are responsible for screwing up lots of girl's hair in the early 90's lol

  2. Oh my your post reads almost exactly like mine would have with the addition of smokey eye gone wrong gothic style & Raver pants LOL