Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happiness comes in small furry packages

I talk nonstop about beauty products on my blog, but what I forget to do is talk about what I really love most in life, and that is animals.  In particular, one animal that goes by the name of Oscar or as my mother in law likes to call him "King Oscar". lol.

He is my best friend, my baby, and the one constant thing in my life that can always bring a smile to my face no matter what I'm going through.

Meet Oscar everyone :)

About Oscar:
* 3 year old Pomeranian male
possibly American eskimo in there but the vet classified him as a pom

* Loves food
Yes all dogs love food, but his appetite is ferocious

* Playing with my socks 
After the dryer, Oscar is the main reason why I have a billion missing socks

* Is a bit anti-social, 
but he warms up to people after awhile

* Loves to sleep on my pillow in the morning, 
even if it means sleeping right on top of my head :)

I'd love to see your furry friends, please leave a comment about your babies xx


  1. OMG my dog's name is Oscar!! He's a big lovable goof. He is a mix of Boxer, Bloodhound, and Lab. I have a little Pom too. His name is Peanut. :) His coloring makes him look like a mini border collie lol.

  2. haha! That's awesome xx
    Email me pics of your pups,I'd love to see your babies :)