Sunday, January 29, 2012

30 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 06 Favourite makeup brand

This is quite an easy one for me.  Hands down, I am a slave to Chanel.  

I don't know what it is about the sleek black packaging with that iconic double C's, that just makes my heart patter just a little bit faster.  Initially it was the lipsticks that drew me into Chanel.  I still remember it like yesterday.  I was 18 years old (1998), just got my first job as a waitress during college.  I was broke as a joke lol.  I had $50 left to spend and instead of buying books, clothes, or junk food at 3am, I took my broke student behind to the closest Chanel counter.  I can still remember what I bought as well. It was Chanel lipstick in vamp and a product that is no longer was a thick jumbo pencil that could be used for your eyes, lips, and cheeks and boy did I use it on everything haha.  My love for Chanel was always there, despite never having the funds for it.

But as the years progressed, I really learned to appreciate more than just their colour range.  Their face makeup has really got a grip on me now.  Their foundations, powders, concealers have worked really well for me, and although they are quite expensive, I've found them worth the extra splurging.  

There is just nothing like holding a Chanel compact, is there?  I will be honest and say that I have used better eye shadows than Chanel, but there is just something about that logo that really has me hypnotized, and always has me coming back for more.

Then this past fall/winter collection really won my heart.  There wasn't one thing about this collection that didn't have my interest.  It was the iridescent richness that captured my mood in forms of magnificant colours!

If I could only continue buying one brand, Chanel would definitely be the one.  They never fall me, and every season they always stand in the forefront of the fashion forward and bang on trend colours.  
So for all those reasons, Chanel is hands down my favourite makeup brand.

What's yours????


  1. Chanel and Le Metier de Beaute. They are giving Chanel a run for their money.

  2. I have to say NARS all the way. I also really like Cle de peau. I also agree with Nikki that LMDB is giving them a run for the money.