Wednesday, January 25, 2012

30 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 02 Favourite bag that you own

Welcome to Day 2 of my 30 Day Beauty Challenge!

What is my favourite bag? hmmmm...There are a lot of bags in my collection that on any given day could be my favourite bag, but by far the one bag that I will love until I am old and grey is my Chanel jumbo caviar flap with gold hardware.  There is a huge story and even a pact with DH that comes with this bag, but I won't bore you with it.  It's the heavy weight champion of all my other bags, and it doesn't get to see the light of day much, but she's never forgotten.

Please excuse the old lady cabinet photo, but it just ridiculous how dark it is today, so I went to the best lit part of the house (mother in law's room).  Yes, you heard that right. 
I live with my in laws (feel sorry for me yet? lol).

So this is my favourite bag.  I either get tons of compliments or tons of haters eyeing me.  Either way, this is the best present ever given to me by DH.  He definitely understood how important Fashion was to me.  I feel like I should tell you a bit more about this bag, but sells itself.  It's a classic piece that's ageless and basically anyone with any style can carry it.  I love the firm construction, and the durability of this bag and of course it's hot as sh*t! :)

Please come and share with me your favourite bag as well!


  1. How dare you splurge on a nice bag for yourself!!!

    J/K ;)

    Yeah, when I carry my LV Speedy I get stares a-plenty. Most look curious, but I get the occasional hmph! She must be stuck up look. Oh well. Enjoy your gorgeous bag! I hope to own a Chanel someday. I'd love a jumbo flap in Navy or a bold color.

  2. hahahah! Girl, this bag was bought in 2007 hahaha, I haven't bought a designer handbag since hahahah.

    I love the LV speedy, mono or damier? I have damier and yes people stare at me thinking "thats a fake" lol!!!

    you just made my heart skip a beat by saying a jumbo in navy or bold colour. SWOON

  3. Damier Ebene. I got the 35 size too!

  4. Great size! I just have a 30 and 40. 40 I just use for weekend trips, but I wish I had a 35 to carry around with me. I like big bags, b/c I'm a big girl! haha

  5. majorly jealous.
    my favorite bag? most likely the tory burch bag that i purchased recently - it's beautiful and makes me feel like a grown up. i aspire to own a chanel bag one day. ;)

  6. I'm so jealous aha! I would love to own a Chanel bag myself one day! Chanel has to be my favourite label ever! My favourite bag is my new Marc by Marc Jacobs Francesca bag!