Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre 47 Feerie

It has taken me a long time to crack this open and use it.  I wanted it so badly for Christmas, but it's one of those products that are too beautiful to use. Do you know what I mean?  I open it, and it just sparkles and looks soooooo pretty.  I know I don't have to say much to you guys about this product, as Chanel sells itself pretty much.

This is an expensive face powder.  Let's be honest here, but you only need a little product, and there is a lot in there.  So it is an investment.  My days are dousing myself with glitter are over.  Yes, I loved my weekly raves and club nights out, but at 31 (32 tomorrow :)) I just feel that I would look really silly.  I know a lot of people were worried about Feerie, because of the sparkle, but this is a sophisticated shimmer sparkle.

Chanel are the dons of making sparkle and shimmer work in a mature way.  I have no idea how, but they do.  For instance, the cream eye shadows and Graphite, all have micro glitter in them, but they look classy and not kiddy.  Feerie powder is just like that.  A little shimmer works wonders for us, so don't be afraid to try this because of that.

I'm very happy to have made this investment.
I really mean that.

Currently Retails: £31.50
Some places have sold out as this is a limited edition product, so if you want a little sparkle in your life,  grab yours asap.

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