Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh you're so vain...

Catch up time!  I finally got a good nights rest.  Thursday was my 32nd birthday, and my friend and I checked ourselves into a spa hotel for a day of pampering.  It was great needless to say.  After 3 hours of sleep, I took off on a shopping trip with my girl, and it was great fun but exhausting.  So last night, in my zombie state, I tried to spend some quality time with my DH who's off to Germany on business today.  I am just recovering and trying to get focused today but the laziness of a Saturday is winning me over.  Instead I have something to bitch about so if you aren't interested in reading that, scroll down to the bottom where the italicized post ends and catch a Sneak peek of haul at the end of blog, along with upcoming product reviews.

(Beginning of rant lol)
I forgot what I was googling when I came across this idiotic thread posted by an ever bigger idiot.  He was moaning about how many beauty blogs there were out there.  I honestly don't understand why the abundance of beauty blogs might bother a guy.  Now, I can see from another perspective how shallow and vain a blog about beauty products might appear.  Vanity has been instilled in our minds that it is the absence of intellect.  Hundreds of years ago, vanity was thought to be the downfall of a idealistic and good natured "gentlewoman", but haven't we come a long way since then?  I laughed as I read this guy (most likely single) go on and on about how he thought we were all a bunch of stupid losers.  Hmmm....maybe I'm a loser, but I'm definitely not stupid.  :)  Maybe he was rejected by a beautiful girl, and he associates his failure as a man to anything physically beautiful or beauty related.  I don't know and I don't care, but what I did care about was why his post bothered me so much?  I obviously took it personally as my blog is considered a beauty blog, but why did it bother me that people out there may perceive me to be this idiotic bimbo because I enjoy talking about beauty products.  Obviously, someone calling me stupid was a lot more harsh than someone calling me ugly.

Perhaps, our society has to accept that the Vanity is no longer a negative thing.  I suggest that Vanity may be something that is essential in the modern day woman.  Maybe being pretty or wanting to look pretty has nothing to do with our intellect.  Vanity is only flawed when you believe that the physical beauty is the most important part of being a woman.  That I can say is one dark side of vanity.  The modern day gal has to embrace that physical beauty is just as important as our minds, and as long as you believe that then focusing on your physical beauty is NOT a horrible thing, nor does it make you an bimbo.  The modern day girl knows the importance of feeling beautiful on the outside makes us who we are...WOMEN!

So back to my initial self evaluating I care that people think I'm shallow because I talk non stop about something trivial as beauty products? I guess it did bother me, but it shouldn't.  Like I said earlier, vanity is only a negative thing when it is all that is what consumes your entire life (as with anything).  The truth is that this blog and anything beauty related only consumes about 25% of my life, and that is a generous figure.  I guess I need to remind myself that I know how to balance my life the next time I am inflicted by self-doubt caused by ignorant assholes out there, who obviously knows jack shit about the complexities of the modern day girl! 

Ok so now that I got that off my chest, here are some amazing products that I was given and also purchased during my birthday.  So just a kind reminder to check back soon if you are interested in reading reviews on:

* My Spa Experience at Ufford Spa Hotel in Woodridge Suffolk
* Chanel - Vitalumiere Eclat B30 Beige Sable
* StrangeBeautiful - Library of Camo Nail Polish Volume Set
* Benefit - The Porefessional
* No 7 - Metallic Eye Pencil in Camouflage
* Benefit - They're Real mascara
* No 7 - Bath & body trio 
 and last but definitely not least
* Yardley's Perfumes: Peony, Iris, Lily of the Valley

So come back soon :)

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  1. Guys that complain about women who love makeup and fashion being too vain are also the same guys who complain when you stop using makeup and quit putting so much focus on what you wear lol. I think it comes from an ignorance and how much research is needed before buying products, and how it actually helps you learn about your own style to read fashion blogs and articles.

    AND, I would love to know how you like the mascara lol. :)