Saturday, January 28, 2012

My first Youtube video

So I finally did it. I have started my youtube channel, and put up my first video.  Be nice, I'm completely and utterly embarassed at my inability to put together sentences hahaha (and my deep voice lol Yes my head cold hasn't gone away yet).  For those who wanted to see a better close up of my makeup storage and collection, here is a short video for you all.


  1. What a fab video! I could do with some storage like this for my everyday bits and bobs... may have to invest. I emailed you back (finally) by the way!
    Definitely post more videos, you're doing a great job and I love your accent.

  2. awww THANK YOU!
    I sound sooo idiotic, I was tongue twisted haha and I sound like a dude because my nose is all stuffed up, but I wanted to share with you all my storage haha. Thanks xx