Thursday, November 3, 2011

Magazine Freebies

I just love talking about these freebies, because ...well frankly it's just awesome :)

This month check out:

Glamour Magazine for a free £11 Nails Inc nail polish. I haven't seen the colour choices yet, but I'll be taking advantage of this tomorrow, so I'll post then.

Also, Elle is giving away a £20 Kurt Greiger voucher. I'm not familiar with this designer, but it's worth it especially since the magazine is less than £4.

So other than picking up some free magazines while I'm posting ebay packages...tomorrow is going to be a bit of a bore - back to work :::bleh:::'s some more puppy spam :p
While I'm good at talking too much, my pup is good at sleeping :)
Goodnight everyone!


  1. Got a copy of glamour today, not sure what all the choices are but I picked up victora

  2. Just got my glamour today too and I'm not sure what the nude colour is called, but I like it :)