Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Boots 17 BB Cream

Boots is now following Garnier and releasing their own version of the BB Cream.  Brought in from Asia, the BB Cream is suppose to have all the answers to your skin's need in 1 product.  Now, there are a million reviews about whether that is true or not, but at least this is a good tinted moisturizer.

So I went and saw the Boots 17 version, which is currently on offer for £5.99.  It will go up to £6.99 in December ladies, so if you are interested get it now.  Also, at the back of the new Boots magazine, there is a voucher for an extra 100 points with any Boots 17 purchase.  Then go to the advantage machine and print out your voucher for a free Concealer pen with any Boots 17 purchase as well.  

So the BB cream comes in 2 shades, light and dark.  

Simple packaging, a tad cheap, but then again 17 is aimed at teens apparently and the packaging is slightly on the cheap side.  Can't really complain about it since they are very affordable.
I blended the Light bb cream onto my hands, and instantly I saw that this would make a great tinted moisturizer.  It evened out my skin and I thought it was a good product, up until I smelled it.  I'm very sensitive with scent, so I may be very picky and critical on certain products. This is one of those times.  The Garnier smells very fresh and nice, the Boots 17 has no scent; however, I think it's been sitting in the lighted area in the display for a long time, and that heat might have distorted the scent.  It smelled plastic and cheap.  Do you know what I mean? When a product smells like it's about to go off and starts smelling really synethic? Either way, I gagged a tiny bit and put the product down.  I don't think I'll be buying this.  I will stick to my Garnier and my other BB Creams for now.  Too bad this was a fail for me, because I was quite excited for this.

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