Friday, November 25, 2011

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Review

It's really fun to do swaps with people, because you always get to try something new.  I have so many new products that I will be reviewing in the upcoming months as I did another swap with Ashley over at Buttonboxx.  You can check out her blog at  Big shout to Ashley xx

She gave me an Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.  I'm all about skincare as I now am over 30 **yikes***.  So this one was one of the first things that I tried.  I have read reviews on this product, and nothing about it really struck out to me as a must have item, but after trying this, I can now see why there are many mixed reviews on this product. 

I'm one of those odd people who hate to have anything thick on my face. Whether it's moisturizer or foundation.  I just feel like my skin can't breathe.  So my initial feeling about this product was that it was way too thick for me.  It also have a medicinal scent to it as well as a orange like gel like substance.  It slightly reminded me of the famous Tiger Balm that every Asian family has lol.
Having said that, this isn't a bad product at all.  Just because it doesn't match my personal preference of texture, doesn't mean it doesn't work.  That's the part of reviewing a product that is essential.  You have to remove your own personal likes and dislikes from reviewing a product and review it based on the merits of what the product states it's suppose to do.  Easier said than done of course. This product delivers exactly as it said it would.  If you have chapped dry skin, this is going to be the product that you want to grab.  I have combination skin, so clearly it's too thick for me, but if I ever do get anything chapped (even lips) this is going to go straight on it.   I have this horrible dry patch of skin right on my left wrist.  It seriously just popped up in the last couple of months, so I slathered some of this on my dry patch of skin and within an hour, I could see how this heeled it.  It's pretty amazing, as I have used every lotion in my house and it didn't do anything to help it.  That's how I know this product works, and it works fast too.  This is definitely sticking close by me during these upcoming winter months. 

So what do you use to fix dry patches on your skin? Would love to hear what others do.

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