Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Liberty of London Christmas Picks

Liberty of London is absolutely amazing.  They are the only brand/store in the world that could make cross stitching products look high end and desirable lol.  There is something feminine, dainty (I mean this in a good way too), light hearted, whimsical, and extremely quirky behind the products from Liberty. 

Liberty of London is a fun fusion of Victorian and 60's designs in my eyes. I can also see how influential the image of Liberty of London is to designers as well.  I can see a lot of the 60's influence that Marc Jacobs mimics, and similar themes in jewellery that are prevalent on high street shops like Topshop and Asos.

Granted that my personal style doesn't really call for paisley patterns, floral, or even that shabby chic look, but it doesn't mean that I don't see the exceptionally well thought out and creatively arranged products over at Liberty of London.  Shabby Chic isn't for everyone, but there is such a magic about Liberty of London and a delicate nature of style, art and fashion that fuse this luxury powerhouse.  It takes a lot to be able to compete with Harrods and Selfridges, and Liberty just does it so well.

So on that note, I was on their website this morning (being woken up yet again by my extremely noisy neighbors and not being able to sleep as DH just arrived home at 9am after pulling an all nighter at his gig) and found several things that I found that I love, and would make excellent gifts to someone very lucky for this upcoming Christmas season.

Christian Lacroix note cards
8 for £14

Cavallini Stamp Set

Christmas Crackers £34.95
Ok so I have a really funny story.  I felt so silly - I mean really silly
I have been in England for how long now? and I had no idea that Christmas crackers contained gifts in them.  Just by the shape, I literally thought they were crackers inside like biscuits LOL! So apparently no crackers. They are called crackers, because they make a snap crackle noise when you pull them to expose the gifts HAHA!!!!

Meg Matthew Russian Doll Scarf
Comes in variety of colours, but this one is my FAVOURITE!
I love this so much!

Ok once again, not my personal style, but this is really awesome!

Pear memo cards
Ubber cute!

Emma Bridgewater Plate

Snow globe

Damage can easily be done here! Oh the fun of virtual window shopping.
This is the reason why I really try to avoid this place when I'm in London haha

**All images taken from Liberty of London's website**


  1. I grew up seeing Christmas crackers all the time! They are really popular here in Canada. Now it wasn't until LAST YEAR (at age 30) that I found out that these were a blasting thing full of treats! I'm not Christian, don't celebrate Christmas and really thought they were a type of cracker you eat! So glad I wasn't the only one!

  2. phew, glad I wasn't the only one too :)