Monday, November 7, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish In Indigo: Last Zoya review

So...the clock has gone back and I haven't seen the sun in about 3 days now, so my mood hasn't been the greatest.  Where is the sun? Why didn't anyone tell me that the sun disappears after 3pm here? hahahaha.

So I have to now look for a new way of taking photos during the day.  The artifical lighting here at my in laws has a yellow tint so I don't think that will do.  
I guess I need to buy a new lamp :)

So today I pulled out Zoya Indigo which was given to me recently.  I had this on my massive wishlist, because I just love these dark blues!  I had no idea that this blue came with sporadic tiny micro glitters though.  It looked very pretty in the bottle.

Sadly, it didn't transfer to the actual nails.

This is on the thicker side and it takes only 1 coat to achieve an opaque colour.
Make sure to wear a base coat, because even with that when trying to remove this polish, it does stain your fingers and nails slightly.

It's a nice colour, it reminds me of others in the same family like Chanel Blue Satin, and Illamasqua's Phallic, but I regret to say that this will probably be my last Zoya review for awhile.

I will no longer be reviewing or buying Zoya as I don't believe in supporting this company.
I won't go into it, but I had a really bad experience with their customer service department, and not only that, I don't like how they are going after Julep.  I remember when Elizabeth Arden spas were the only people carrying Zoya.  They were once small too, and now that they are doing well, they are now going after smaller competition? That's the dirty side of business for sure, but it doesn't mean I have to give my money to them.

So for those reasons, it's a wrap people.

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