Monday, November 21, 2011

Nordstrom Designer Sale Lookbook for Fall 2011

After speaking to my SA over at Nordstroms in America, I was allowed to post this lookbook up for all my readers to view.  Now this is probably only going to interest those in America, because I'm not 100% sure if my SA ships internationally, but if the price is good, it maybe worth it to just ask.

I highly recommend you take a peek.  I looked and had to shut it very quickly because the sales are just really really good, and my wallet can't handle it.

Also, I have to disclose that I do not benefit in terms of referral fees, or commission or anything by referring anyone.  I just thought I'd put this out here, because he is just so professional and wonderful and he is on point when it comes to emailing me about sales.  He does what every SA should do when it comes to high end designer products.

So If anything interest you, just email my SA, Sterling Edwards at
sterling.s.edwards (at) nordstrom (dot)com
and let him know that I recommended you, so he at least knows how you got his information.
He's fabulous, and I hope someone takes advantage of these fabulous bargains.

He also ships for free within the US.  Can't beat that!

Sale Lookbook Fall Designer 2011

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