Friday, November 4, 2011

Mini freebie haul

If only you could see the state of my room.  I'm sitting here feeling guilty about not cleaning up (I'm a bit of a neat freak), spending way too much money on magazines, and eating the most delicious meal I've made in a long time (yeah going to have to go on an extra long walk with Oscar tonight).  I have a mini haul which only consist of freebies from the magazines that I got.  I should be saving up for my upcoming cruise, new house, killer black boots, or something else important, but I just can't say no to magazines.
I need my monthly fashion fix or else I feel incomplete.

So here's my mini haul that came with this month's magazines.

Nails Inc Nail Polish
not sure about the colour but it's a pure nude shade and since I didn't have a nude polish, I grabbed this one.  The others were a vampy Burgundy shades (which I have plenty of).
Body Shop voucher card

and Lip Rock lipgloss in Rose
which is basically the same company as Nail Rock.
I've noticed that a lot of NP companies are now making lipglosses such as Ciate.
I was skeptical about the quality, but this is actually a sheer and very moisturizing lipgloss.

Here's my manicure using the Nails Inc nude.
The tips are painted with Nars Purple Rain

Sorry my pics are crappy! The sun is now going down around 2:45ish and so it's just too small of a window for me to take photos, ugh.  Winters are no fun when the sun starts setting so early.  

I'm loving all the new issues with their focus on what other than Christmas! I'm loving all the sparkle, metallic, glitter, and dark hues. It's definitely my favourite colours/materials out there, and I found loads of inspiration and things that I felt were droolworthy! Of course I'm only going to list the items within my budget, otherwise I'd be listing Christian Louboutin pumps at £895 or the star print D&G dress that everyone has been wearing :p

Studded Tights!
I need to get my hands on these. Pair these up with black ankle booties and you have instant sex appeal without looking too girly.

After seeing this, it just solidified in my mind that I need the Chanel mat top coat.
I tested it the other day when a fellow blogger told me that it was different from the other mat coats.She was right.  It wasn't like Essie's matte about you that left your nails feeling like a  chalk board, the Chanel mat topcoat creates a slightly rubber texture, and I'm IN LOVE!
This manicure inspires me so much, because it is exactly the style of nail art that I love.

So here's to adding more items onto my wishlist :)

What's everyone lemming for this Christmas?

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