Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oldie but Goodie: Burberry Purse

About 2 years ago, I got this in a swap and I have yet to use her, so I wanted to introduce her to the world.  I'm not very up to date on Burberry or names, but I do like the simple look of this purse. For all the Americans reading this, yes I'm starting to adapt to the British terminology and call Wallets what they call them here...Purses.
Gotta adapt now that I'm here right? lol.

So my wallet/purse that I've been carrying lately is this beige quilted leather long purse with a padlock. This combines my two loves for me: Chanel and Marc Jacobs.  This wallet reminds me of the the Chanel quilting and the famous MJ's padlock - gotta love it!

Two inner slots
4 Credit card slot
Zipped change slot

I also like her right now, because she's not splashed in logos.  With today's tough economy, I don't want some desperate person trying to gank my purse because they think it's expensive. hahah.  Yes, a bit paranoid, but things are tough for everyone these days, so I don't put it past anyone.    I also like the colour.  I'm pretty rough with my accessories, so a little stain or dirt won't show up as easily against this colour.  

So she's an Oldie, but still a Goodie :)

What's your favourite purse in your collection?


  1. I could not pick a favorite purse lol. It is a toss up between my Coach Gigi tote and my Louis Vuitton Speedy in Damier Ebene.

  2. I love the damier speedy, it is a classic bag!