Monday, November 14, 2011

Deborah Lippmann's The Stripper to Go Nail Lacquer Finger Mitts

What in the world is a finger mitt, right?
I ran out of acetone so I went rummaging through my drawers and found a sample of this.  I was expecting just some square piece of cotton soaked in acetone, but instead I got a mini finger mitt. 

I have mixed feelings about this product and here's why...

* The mitts are sturdy and they will not rip on you.  You could add acetone and try to reuse these if you want.  I almost didn't want to throw it away afterwards, but then again I refuse to be that cheap :)  

* The mitt is soaked in acetone, so they aren't "cheaping" out with that

* These also will not leave behind cotton pieces like cotton balls do


* Pretty expensive at £8 for a box of 6 mitts

* They are just odd, and I just don't know if they are really worth that kind of money.
This product claims that one mitt will clean all 10 nails, but  I was only able to get one hand done with one mitt.  In all fairness it was glitter polish.  If you have one glitter polish, you will probably need 2 mitts, otherwise one will take care of the removal. 

If each packet came with 10 mitts, so that I could cover all my fingers at one time, then I would be more inclined to say that £8 for a box of 6 packets is fair.

So for that reason, I'll probably not purchase this, but if you have the money to spend then these are much better than most of the nail polish remover packets that I've used before.

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