Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MAC Strobe Cream

The weather is definitely colder now, and my skin is starting to loose that shine, so I pulled this baby out to mix with my BB cream for a simple fresh dewy everyday look.  I don't fancy slathering on layers of foundation just to pop around the corner, so this highlighting cream mixed with my BB cream (Skinfood 79) looks absolutely amazing on. 

I didn't blend it in completely just to show you the illuminating that this cream provides.

This can be worn under your foundation, or mixed with it.
I just really like this and I like the fresh slightly sweet scent as well.

MAC strobe cream is £12 and can be purchased where you find your MAC products: 
MAC shops, MAC online, Debenhams, etc. etc.
I say if you don't have a cream highlighter - get this one.
I do own the Becca skin perfector, but that one is a bit steep at £30.

Also if you feel like your skin is starting to dry out like mine, and your foundation is highlighting your dryness, mix this in, you will love the results.

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