Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firm Temporary Face Tightener Mask Review

Whoa that was a long title! GOOD MORNING lovelies xx
Tuesday morning here in sunny old England *cough*.  Yeah it's a bit grey, but the thought of my 5 day Caribbean cruise this weekend is bringing the sunshine in my life that I need right about now.

So in preparation for my bon voyage, I wanted to give myself a facial.  I recently got a large deluxe sample/travel size of this Peter Thomas Roth firming mask.  Let me tell you what I thought about this product.

Well first here are some facts about this product:
* Retail $48 for 3.4 fl oz bottle
I don't know of anywhere in the UK that sells this.  
But a quick google search brought me prices around £27-£31 
(If anyone knows where this can be bought in the UK, please drop me a comment or email xx)

* The product claims the following:
"Temporarily tighten your skin and rewind the clock - instantly Revolutionary rinse-off formula means that the white residue is rinsed away, while active firming agents remain behind. These agents work beneath the skin’s surface to help tighten, firm & smooth the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles & pores. Instantly look younger while minimizing crow’s feet, under eye bags, nose-to- mouth lines, forehead creases, etc."
* Gel-like substance that dries instantly upon application, leaving a sheer white film on face.  
Think -  colour of krazy glue when it dries on your skin
I really do like this product as it truly does deliver what it is claiming.  The gel dries almost immediately, and your face feels very tight.  I sometimes imagine if this is what Botox must feel like.  Now I'm only 31, so fortunately botox is not needed, but ask me again at 40 and I may say something different lol!

Sorry tangent time - Actually as I was waiting for this to dry, I was inspired to do a post on some of my favourite skincare products that I have used in the last 5 years.
So back to the mask...the only complaint that I have about this product is the strength of it.  I left this on for 5-10 minutes longer than I was suppose too, because I got distracted, and my face felt very sore and red afterwards.  It's a strong mask ladies!  I'm not kidding.  They recommend leaving it on from 3-7 minutes, so just be careful.  If you feel an uncomfortable tightness, then wash it off.  But I'm not joking when I say that this mask will make it almost impossible for you to move your face.  Talking is not really going to happen when you apply this lol.

So other than that, I have no complaints about this mask; however, I don't know if I would purchase the full size bottle as it is a bit pricey.  If there was a peel away mask version, I would definitely buy it without a doubt.

What's your favourite Mask?  

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