Thursday, November 10, 2011

Busy Day

I just literally woke up an hour ago.  So much for trying to get on a healthy and slightly more normal schedule.  The sun is definitely up and it really is just lovely haha.  I decided to give myself a quick manicure and pedicure outside, but I didn't factor in the temperature and it was difficult to give myself a proper one.  My NOTD and pedicure is not blog worthy, which probably works out best because I'm going to be offline for most of the day.  It's so odd to be offline.  I feel like I'm connected to the world wide web through my veins.  I know that's not good either, but so is a lot of things that I do :p

So last night as I was talking to a friend, I just splurged on bought the Chanel tweed pink blush that I've been wanting forever.  It normally retails for £31, but I got it off of ebay for £23 posted.  So I thought it wasn't a bad deal, especially if it's cheaper than US prices.  So that is 1 of 2 Christmas gifts to myself taken care of.  Next up, the Chanel loose powder in Feerie from this winter's collection.

So other than my daily struggle to save money and not give into my temptations, nothing else is new, except I have to get ready now to go down to London with DH for a gig tomorrow.  I'm going to be getting ready for that, running errands and trying to confirm plans for tomorrow.  I'm also getting my hair cut tomorrow at the Toni & Guy academy in central London.  I'm not really nervous, because I figure the teachers are there guiding the students.  So let's hope I get a student with some talent :p

Oscar keeps looking at me, because he can sense I am going somewhere.  I dread the day that I leave for my cruise and I won't see him for 8 days.  I feel like a bad mommy, but at least he'll be at home with my in laws and his daddy.  So I guess I'm not that bad.

Anyways, loads of rambling and not enough pictures for you all - SORRY!

I'll return this weekend and hopefully with some stuff to show you.

Take care lovelies!

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