Sunday, February 5, 2012

30 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 13 Photo of your fashion/style icon

Hi everyone.  Snowed in? I am haha.  I had a really hard time with today's beauty challenge.  I don't really have a fashion/style icon.  I actually hate all celebrity gossip.  I seriously could care less what Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, and freaking the Jersey Shore or TOWIE girls are wearing.  In fact, I try NOT to wear what they are wearing, because I know that a million other girls will have the same exact outfit or accessory on.

I could say something cliche like Coco Chanel (even though I love her ethos and fashion house), but I wanted to share with you two websites that I look at for inspiration.

1. The women on

I love how creative, unique and unconventional people can be.  I love that, and for those reasons, I love this site.  

2. Another website I frequent for fashion inspirations are the people of NYC.

so check these out, they are amazing sites!

Sorry I'm going to cut this post short.  Tomorrow is my DH's birthday but we are celebrating today as he's off to Amsterdam for a show and we won't be together :(

So have a wonderful and warm Sunday.
Loads of love xx

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