Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Merry Day With OPI's Merry Midnight

I tried going to bed last night at 10:30.  I ended up laying in bed and watching shows on my iphone until like 4am hA! So much for early night sleep and early rise.

I heard some really annoying news about what some people were doing on a forum I belong too this morning.  I let it dampen my mood, but after talking to a very wise wise lady, I realise how petty and how insignificant that was to let it dampen my mood.
It just reminds me about how glad I am for those that I have built a friendship with now (You ladies know who you are). 
Anyways, so my day has brightened up.  DH is feeling better, and it's not too cold.  Oscar is running around barking at people through the window as usual, and I decided to put on one of my most precious polishes in my collection.

Such a gorgeous and busy polish

I layered it over one coat of OPI Black Cherry Chutney

And since apparently I wanted more flakies, my right hand as a layer of Nubar 2010 and WOW
talk about Flakie Explosion (as my friend called it).

Now this brings a smile to the inner polish addict in me.
Happy Thursday!


  1. You're probably thinking "it's about time"! haha
    It's not only flakies galore, but it reminds me an awesome chic :)