Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear Santa

There are many reasons for blogging, but none matter if you don't actually blog.  I've been so scatter brain lately. What have I been up too? I've been working on my business, selling things to bring some extra income in, and trying to be more physically active and spend more time with my neglected husband too. ha! I'm just all over the place, so I'm so sorry that my blogging hasn't been consistent.  I'm actually starting to cut out some extra side things in order to be able to focus back to my blog again.  So no more lame excuses, I just need to get organized and actually make some sort of schedule of what I'm going to post.  Note to self: get organized! 

The one thing that I have been doing however is thinking of what I want for Christmas.
Does anyone start as early as me? :)

So my wishlist is small and simple. Trying to simplify my life, can you tell?

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Hot Edition 

and now let me be completely unrealistic, but feast your eyes on this.

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I'm drooling here...officially

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

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