Sunday, October 2, 2011

Incoco Nails in Staccato

I got another lovely design manicure set to show you all.  I love Staccato! It's just the right amount of mod influence, girly/kawaii influence, and clean but bold design.  I'm a sucker for designs like this, and I love polka dots (see my banner *wink wink*).  So I was thrilled to apply these baby.

I also am glad to wear these, because I have to give my nails a rest.  I have ADHD when it comes to manicures. I just can't leave it alone for some reason! My cuticles are wrecked.  Lotion and oil just aren't cutting it anymore for me.  The acetone is having a severe effect on my cuticles.  I now this nail applique will last on me for the next days, so it was another reason for me to apply these babies on my nails.  
And yes, they DO last for days! 

This is not your typical white and black polka dot.  There is an extra umpf to it.  The base is actually a light shimmery ivory base with gold top layer.  Incoco always has a way of turning a well known pattern into something quite feminine by adding a little something extra.  It shows there has been thought behind the creations of their design manicure series.

So here are my nails that I will be rocking for a few days.  In the meanwhile, I will be reviewing all  the makeup products that I have tried recently. So watch out for those.  Onto the Incoco Staccato nail appliques.......

Cute right???

Well if you're digging these, come and enter my 75 follower blog giveaway sponsored by Incoco. The nice people over at Incoco have donated a goody bag full of their products for one lucky winner.

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  1. Very cute! love the pattern.

  2. They look absolutely gorgeous, I really hope I win your giveaway! If not I'll definitely have to buy some x