Thursday, October 13, 2011

A London Story

I am so sorry that I have been away.  Life just got so busy all of a sudden, and next thing I know I haven't blogged in almost 2 days.  That's really the longest and it won't ever happen again (or at least I hope not) :).  So I have another long post full of reveals, and just chitter chatter...

So last minute I hopped on the train to head to London for work and some play.  I absolutely enjoyed my short 1.5 days in that fabulous city.  Got to get my a$$ closer there in the future (god willing on how my business goes).  So not only was it really educational, but it was loads of fun.
Here's the nails that I rocked while I was there:
Chanel Graphite with Chanel black velvet on the ring fingers topped off with Rococo's Gold Leaf. Rococo (as stunning as it is) was a very difficult polish to use.  The clear polish is so thick that the Gold Leaf pieces just seem to slide off.  It took a long time to get 2 fingers done.  The overall effect is gorgeous, and I'm so blessed to have been given this polish, but it takes a skilled and patient type of person to use this polish.

Here's me on the train.
I pushed my way to get a great seat with a table.
Meet my Louis Vuitton damier musette tango.
This bag is so handy when I need to be hands free.

So my friend that I met up with is a such a fantastic person.
It's rare to meet people like this.
So well rounded, decent, down to earth and just someone that I look up!
So when she started busting out her awesome goodies, I just had to snap up pictures.

I mean look at this?
WHAT?! A highly limited edition Chanel piece.


You can mix and the pigments to be used for lips, cheeks, eyes...
It is a beauty addicts dream come true.
I joked with her about how I was going to steal this from her :p

 Then she knocked me off my feet, when she showed me her Vintage Chanel earrings!
Just look at the craftsmanship on this baby.  Such a stunner!

Then she decided to be even more awesome by giving me this!!!
An entire Nails Inc nail care set!!!!

Talk about a welcome present! 
I guess my love for nail polish is THAT obvious haha!

 We had a good pow wow, and a fun trip down to Oxford Street.  I didn't splurge, and just bought something that I felt was a necessity.  Selfridges is just a beautiful place for any beauty addict. The building, the lighting, the merchandise is just beyond anything that I have ever seen.  Nothing in the states comes close, not even the best of the best of the Neiman Marcus or Saks.  Selfridges really knows how present products, and really just create an amazing beauty hall like no other!

I have been wanting the Suqqu eyebrow pen forever.  It had to be mine! and now it is.  I immediately used it while I was there, and I will now retire my Dior eyebrow pen.  I will never cheat on Suqqu with is just THAT good.

 I know, I know, just one product seems like such a restraint for someone like me, but times are tough, so I did treat myself to just this one thing.  I am very proud of myself.

So only 4 hours of sleep and many hours on the go, I have been exhausted, but not exhausted enough to rip open my packages when I arrived.  Here are my new goodies.

Actually, before I show this...I do want to mention something.  I know that I have been revealing a lot of gifts from people over the last few posts.  I do this for many reasons.  First, because I'm so excited to have these items, and I thought I could share that enthusiasm with my readers.  Second, because it is my way of thanking my friend(s) for giving them to me.  Yet, my intentions have been misunderstood by someone out there in cyber land.  I got a comment that I had to reject recently that stated "Stop showing off".  Trust me, it's not showing off.  In fact, compared to many bloggers, my shopping habits is very very modest and minimal.  When I blog reveals it is merely to show how grateful I am of the generosity that has been bestowed upon me.  However...I'm not writing this rebuttal to say that I don't listen to my readers.  I understand that in today's tough economy, showing a huge package of products given to me can make someone jealous or even bitter.  So out of courtesy and true respect for my readers, I will no longer be doing reveals of gifts.  I will just continue doing reviews of products.  

Ok sorry about that huge tangent! 
Now onto some new products that were waiting for me today.
First bunch came from a makeupalley swap recently.

Christian Dior retractable lipbrush and
Fresh Creme Ancienne sample

I already tried the sample, and it feels so nice on my skin.
The Dior brush is very handy, and you get a lot of brush for fast and even coverage.

Next are two items that I have been really wanting to try for a long time!
Guerlain's Jasminora mini perfume, and
Illamasqua Kink.

Isn't that bottle just beautiful?
I love the fragrance, and I believe I am going to purchase a full size bottle sometime in the future.

Watch out for the NOTD of the Illamasqua Kink tomorrow!

How is everyone spending their fall?
The weather has definitely changed here, and it is now time for jackets & boots.

Until next time,
take it ez!
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