Friday, October 7, 2011

Versace for H&M

H&M joined up with Versace for their next designer collaboration.

I'm going to put a short post, because truthfully I'm not very excited about this collaboration.  I just saw this in Marie Claire, and really my first reaction was "WHY?".  Something about Versace and the designs feels so 1990's to me.  It hasn't really moved forward in my eyes.  Her designs are not modern, and just lack the edge that our designers are coming up with these days.  She also was a snob, and didn't want to mass retail her designs back in 2008, but considering that her sales were down, she is now teaming up with H&M.  I didn't like the outfits that I have seen advertised, and I definitely won't be lining up to buy anything from this collaboration.

Oh and someone really needs to tell Dontella the truth, and tell her to stop getting so much plastic surgery.  I know this comes off mean, but she use to be quite beautiful.  It's a plastic surgery nightmare. Just because someone has money and is famous, doesn't mean people need to lie to them about their looks. I guess I really just don't like Versace very much, from their designs, down to who is running it.  I'm probably alone in this, but H&M could team up with so much better (and they have).
I'm still devastated that I once lived in Miami, a city that for some reason think they are too good for H&M lol. I missed both the SONIA RYKIEL and Lanvin collaborations, and still desperately trying to get a few pieces years later.

So what's everyone think? Love it? or Hate it?
For those who love it, the pieces will start coming in November.

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