Monday, July 25, 2011

MAC Seriously Hip Comparison Swatches

I'm a creature of habit.
I tend to love certain nail shades, and this one fits the bill.
MAC Seriously Hip was given to me recently by a friend, and I realised
I love this polish, because well heck, I had 2 others just like it!

It's a black base with gold shimmer and creates this awesome muddy green sheen.
I absolutely LOVE this colour.

Today I have 2 similar to the MAC and one that is in the same family

D&G Stromboli
MAC Seriously Hip
Revlon Dark Pleasures
Dior Czarina Gold




The Revlon does not have the amount of glitter and shimmer as the others, but it is definitely is within the same family.

Out of the 4, 
D&G Stromboli was the closest to MAC Seriously Hip.
Dior didn't have as much of the dark green/black base, but in terms of 
glitter and shimmer, the Dior and D&G had the most.

I did a swatch, but my hands are in no shape of photographing at the moment.
I've been doing a lot of moving boxes, organising, and other hard labor things and my
hands are rough! So I'll do a NOTD separately one day.

I will say that the MAC Seriously Hip had the best drying power and was very easy and
smooth to apply when compared to the others.  So this one is seriously now my favourite out of the 4 polishes.  I need to pay more attention to the MAC nail polishes, I feel like they don't get enough coverage like the other brands, but they seriously did a great job with this polish.  Just gorgeous!


  1. this shade is lovely. Def have to get one of these