Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NOTD: Chanel Graphite

I love my american friends for getting the goods way before we do over here. I had a nice swap with a lovely friend of mine and in exchange I got the Chanel Graphite this week. 

I love this colour the best out of the Fall/Winter collection.  It's just so gritty and that's what really draws me into this polish. What I love most (now that I have it in real life) is that it leans a tiny bit green on me, very slightly it's great how there is this continuity of colour within this range.  I now wonder if Quartz has it as well?  Either way, the formula was a tad thick, but finished off very smooth.  It looks gritty, but it isn't gritty in texture.  I don't think it's quite as good as Peridot's texture, but that polish is just a masterpiece.

Anyways...enough blabbing...onto the pics...



pulls a tad green

The weather is a tad gloomy, so I don't mind wearing this colour now instead of in the fall. I am just in love with it.  It's chock full of micro glitters, but it's not kiddy glitter if you know what I mean.  It's quite adult, it's fabulous, it's just metallic gritty glitter goodness that I'm just loving so much!! Chanel did disappoint me a bit with their summer colours, but I'm back on the Chanel bandwagon with this collection!


  1. I wanted to love this but it pulls really green on me! :-\

  2. aww, I actually like that it pulls a bit green :)

  3. so gorgeous!! im deciging if i want this or peridot. i hate having to choose!