Sunday, July 31, 2011

Your Neighbourhood Recycle Spokesperson

Have you guys noticed that I'm spelling things all in the British way, with the extra "u" lol. My computer is now telling me that I am spelling everything wrong now, since I updated it to English time. HAHA.  I don't know how to spell anything anymore, can't remember when to use the z versus the s's, or when to add the u or when not too. sigh.

Anyways, It's a gorgeous spring/summer day here in England and I decided to do some cleaning up.  I've always put together a pile of makeup empties to take with me to Origins to recycle, but since my town already has an amazing recycle program, I've been able to recycle locally, so I wanted to write a post to see how many people actually recycle their makeup empties?  

Just to show you all how much one person can go through in just a matter of 3 months, this is my pile.

I actually have more, but I tend to reuse a lot of my little pots for depotting broken eye shadows or pigments for my friends to try, so those aren't included, but as you can see, one person can make a lot of mess, and instead of all this ending up in a landfill, I have chosen to recycle.

Now I know in the states, recycling is a pain in the butt.  There aren't as many programs there as I have seen here in the UK, but having said that, there are a lot of Origins in most towns, so try to recycle, we all should do it, it's just a little thing we do that can make a big impact if we all do it.  Especially us beauty fanatics haha.

Other recycling programs with great incentives are:

Mac back 2 mac - If you are a MAC fan, then you probably already know that if you take back 6 empties, they will give you a free lipstick (other than the viva glam line)

Lush - Bring back 5 black pots and they will give you a free fresh face mask (retail over $5/£4)

and of course...

Origins - Take any other companies empties and they will recycle it for you.  In exchange, they will give you samples of whatever you ask for.

So even if there isn't an incentive, the incentive is to help not fill up landfills and add to the debris in the world :)

Does anyone have any other recycling programs that they participate in?


  1. Great post! I started recycling my MAC products a few years ago, but never considered recycling my other products! I'm going to check out the Origins program. The MAC program has gotten worse over the years. It used to be 6 items for any eyeshadow or lip product, then it was lipstick or eyeshadow only last fall, and now I guess the eyeshadows are gone from the product. Oh well - at least we're still getting something!

  2. I think more companies should do this :)