Friday, July 15, 2011

Boots mini haul: 17 eye dazzle in Fancy Free and Batiste dry shampoo for brunette hair

I have a tiny/mini haul and I wouldn't even have bothered to post this, but I wanted people to know that if you put your advantage card into the machine, a coupon will print out for a free 17 eye dazzle with any 17 purchase. I had no idea about this, it came as a pleasant surprise, so deal alert!

Anyways, I went to get a 17 nail polish, after seeing it on a blog, for a friend. Luckily they had it, my boots doesn't really have much. So I was glad to have gotten the eye dazzle for free (£3.99).  I decided to play it safe and go for the most neutral colour and I picked Fancy Free which was a pink/peach/beige blend.

I like this sort of pigment control, the holes will prevent it from getting all over the cap and prevent spilling.

Yes I'm chicken sh**%t, I always go for the neutral colours when I try new brands haha

It was very finely milled pigment.  It has a metallic/pearly sheen to it, hence calling them eye dazzle.  A little does go a long way that is why you get a tiny jar for £3.99.
You definitely will have to wear an eye primer, because this had no staying power.

My next purchase was a Batiste dry shampoo for brown and brunette hair.
I so needed this. I do love Batiste for their quality and very affordable price, but I found that for girls like me with black hair, you see these white residue and that is a major NO NO. I don't want to look like I have dandruff, so when I saw this on the clearance aisle, I had to pick it up.  I used it today, no white dandruff flake looking residue! And smells fresh and made my hair feel fresh too.  

So I'm very much in love. It's a shame they only had one of these on clearance.

Just a small haul for you all.  I just love boots, it gives me that fix I need for next to nothing.

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