Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NOTD: Nails Inc. Copacabana - Dove promotion freebie

Happy Monday everyone! I'm slightly overwhelmed and stressed right now because of work.  I guess it's been so long since I've been out of the working world that going over this huge document (contract eck) is just giving me a headache.  So I decided what better time to paint my nails and snap a picture since the sun is finally out today.

Dove was doing a promotion at Boots where if you buy 2 antiperspirant products, you get a free Nails Inc polish.  There is only 2 to choose from so I picked the brighter pink/coral color. The other looked like a sheer pink to me, and that isn't quite my style.  In fact, I don't even think I own more than 1 pink in my collection to be honest.

Now if you do end up going to Boots, don't just buy the antiperspirant that is showcased with the Nails Inc bottles, if you do, you end up paying £3-4 per bottle. That's of course if you wanted those specifically, but if you go to the aisle designated for deodorants, you will find that they have other Dove products too.  I opted for the smaller roll on bottles instead of the spray ones and only paid £1.85 each.  I also went and inserted my Boots card into one of those machines and got a coupon for 1/3 off, so there is some money to be saved there.

Anyways, enough with my cheap rants - here is what I came home with.  Money has been awfully tight, and my brain has been shutting down as far as purchasing stuff, so I was very satisfied to have paid £3.20 (after coupon price) and walk away with 2 much needed and very clean and lovely scented Dove roll ons and on fabulously bright coral nail polish from Nails Inc.

I honestly don't know how I feel about Nails Inc. I have a bit of mixed feelings when it comes to this brand.  I absolutely love that they team up with just about everyone here in the UK to give away their polishes, but I sort of feel that perhaps I'm not their target audience.  I'll explain why.  My incentive to go and purchase another bottle of Nails Inc for £11 isn't there, because just about every month, I can get a free one or I can get them very very marked down in price through asos and debehams when they go on sale.  The value of the Nails Inc polish is not £11 for me, it's more like free to £3-4.  Even ebay proves that their polishes don't retain that price, so although I always jump at a chance to get a free bottle, I would never buy one for £11.  I would rather pay £5 more and get myself a Dior or a few pounds more than that to grab a Chanel.  

Also, I know their polishes are raved about, but I honestly don't think they do anything spectacular.  I believe if you love cremes and hate any other finish, then Nails Inc is great, but at that price, I'd rather get an OPI here, because the Nails Inc formula is also gloppy and don't compare to the quality of OPI polishes in my opinion.

So for the lack of variety in finishes, gloppy formula, and ability to get it for free...
really deters me from purchasing a bottle at full price. Sorry Nails Inc, I know you are very popular here, but I guess I'm just a bit of a nail snob to be paying all that money for quality that is not comparable to lower priced polishes.

Oh and I absolutely love spell check, although...I do blame it for the demise of my spelling, because I don't try to learn how to spell anymore, I just click on spell check and it does all the work.  Geez, today is my day of mixed emotions about everything. especially this document that I have to return too. sigh...

Have a great day! and don't forget my giveaway is ending on July 15th. Come and enter for a chance to win some goodies by clicking HERE.


  1. OMG I totally agree. Nails Inc polishes are so rubbish for the price! I'd much much rather get CG or even OPI.

  2. I heard rumours that Nails Inc is going to the states, I bet you they will drop the price there to roughly $6-7 in order to compete with OPI there.

    I think some of Nails Inc colours are "nice", but not special.