Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review: NARS Botan Brush

Hello lovelies...I have a really spectacular brush to show you today.  I know there are reviews on this brush (all mixed), but I really am excited to display this brush, because I have been waiting to review this brush after I have used it for quite some time.  

This Nars brush is part of the artisan brush collection, and is priced significantly higher than the normal Nars brushes, so the price was definitely a hesitation on my part and probably for a lot of other people.  I really went back and forth about buying this, but a few months ago, I was gifted the Nars Bento Box and since then, I have been obsessed with everything that was Japanese inspired by Nars.  It's a sickness I tell ya :p

Essentially it is just a large kabuki brush, so ignore all that fancy schamncy description, that's all it really is.

Retails for $75 USD and £55 in the UK.  Quite a steep price right?
Well, luxury comes at a hefty price. Try to get this during a promotion/friends and family sale to lessen the blow slightly ;)


Is it weird that I consider this eye candy?
I just love sleek, minimalist packaging and!

Ok, so want to know my take on this product?
Mind you, I am NOT an expert at brushes, but I own roughly 30 brushes so I definitely have had my share of trying brushes from all different companies and at all different price ranges.

* Extremely soft & medium density to give you great all over face coverage
* Lovely modern/sleek packaging and overall look
* Did not have an odd smell like some have complained about
* Was not rough like some have complained about
* Huge brush - for me this is a pro, because it will make my finishing powder application go much more quickly then my other kabuki brushes
* Very luxurious in aesthetics and quality of brush hairs

* It does bleed black ink when you wash it
* It takes a long time to wash and there is no correct way to dry this upside down. 
I have the brush guards, but they don't make them in this size.
* Steep price point for this brush
* I'm not a fan of the Nars black rubber packaging, because it picks up too much fingerprint and cosmetic dusts

This is definitely a brush for grown ups haha. I wouldn't have dreamed of buying this 10 years ago ( it wasn't available then), but as I get older, I want quality, longevity in my products, and for some strange OCD reason, I want everything to sort of look similar on my vanity now.  

So the question is, would I recommend this brush?
I would recommend this brush if you are looking to invest in good brushes and it also depends on how crazy you are about beauty products.  This is definitely a must-have if you pride yourself on your brush collection, so I bought it for those reasons and I am left feeling satisfied.  But if you just need a kabuki brush and don't care about all that luxury nonsense, then there are plenty of great kabuki brushes on the market for cheaper.

So that's my 2 cents, and off topic...
look at the blackberries from the garden!
Things are growing fast, allergies are going nuts but all worth it at the end of the day, since I will probably miss seeing the Sun in a few months and then you guys have to listen to me b$tch about how cold and gloomy it is here lol


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