Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Barry M Lavender Hexagram, Hologram Hexagram, Silver Cascade

I got inspired by a thread on a forum dedicated to Barry M.  I have purchased a lot of Barry M as gifts since moving here, but I still haven't bought a creme for myself. The Barry M's that I do have are Lavender Hexagram, Hologram Hexagram, Silver Cascade, and Black Magic.
I'm sure people are tired of the crackle polish (well maybe it's just me :p), so I didn't photograph that since I already did a comparison between Black Magic and OPI Shatter.

Instead I wanted to show you all the lovely glitters that Barry M does.

These are all very hard to find in stores and you can definitely get them online anywhere from 99p - £4.

Lavender Hexagram
Silver Cascade
Hologram Hexagram


Lavender Hexagram and Hologram Hexagram were put over Rimmel's Midnight Blue, since they have a clear base.
All the 3, Hologram Hexagram was the most difficult to work with, because the holographic glitter was very sparse.

But overall, I love Barry M in general.  I've heard nothing but great things about their other colours, and it is quite good quality for a drugstore brand.
Highly recommend :)


  1. Wow!!!! I'm in love with Lavender Hexagram!

  2. that's my favourite too and I'm not a fan of lavender but it really gives a lot of glitter placement xx