Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jade Face Rollers

I think I'm turning into my mom lol.  Isn't that what most people dread saying?
She loves to read the Korean newspaper and Korean news and whatever they say, she believes.  If there is a product that claims something, she believes it. Well I am hearing a lot of buzz around these Jade face rollers, and I was really inclined to try it out.  The purpose of these face rollers is to drain your lymphnotes, and cool swollen areas to create a slimmer face.  Yes, I have a round face and always have, so I said why not give this a try.  Seriously, I feel like I'm turning into my mom.  She probably has even heard of this. haha.


The face rollers can be purchased on ebay for very very cheap.  It's probably not 100% Jade, because Jade is quite expensive to say the least, but whatever this is made out of, it definitely feels like Jade and has the cooling sensation as the Jade stone.  However, if you want 100% Jade, you can purchase the Ying Yu Jade rollers on for a hefty price tag of £28 (there is a waiting list!).  It's a bit out of my budget, so I decided to go with this cheaper version. 

I've been using this for 3 days while watching tv or right after my night time skin regime, and initially I found it uncomfortable, but I'm a firm believer, no pain no gain :)  I could feel the circulation in my face and I actually liked that.  Whether this tool is going to slim my face or not, I do like the cool sensation on my eyes.  What I dislike about this one that I got off of ebay is that is squeaks, but sometimes you get what you pay for. 

There wasn't a lot of reviews on the Ying Yu roller, so I didn't want to plunge and pay the £28 price sticker on it, but the price is my only hesitation in purchasing that one.  I don't think anyone will see instant change in their face, but the overall benefit to using this does seem valid.  After all, Jade has been a cleansing stone for centuries in Asia, so it's pretty natural that it is being used as a beauty tool and not just jewellery.

And since I talked about my mother and now talking about Jade...I totally forgot that I actually have something that my mother gave me years ago.  She never gives me jewellery, and although this piece is not quite my style or for my age, it's still something that I will forever have.  I know how expensive Jade is, because of this piece of jewellery.  It's a 24k gold and Jade bracelet.  I love the cranes...

It's just one of those things I will cherish forever.  She doesn't buy me jewellery ever, so this bracelet means that much more to me.

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