Friday, July 22, 2011

TJ Hughes Closing Down Haul - W7, Rimmel, Revlon

I tell you...I never thought I'd go into TJ Hughes, something about that store reminded me of my elderly in laws hahaha. No disrespect of course...but I'm glad I did go in, because they are closing down.  I reckon the people there thought "who is this mad woman rummaging through all those clearance bins so frantically" lol.  Well it's like a treasure hunt isn't it? 

Here are my really really cheap finds.

W7 mega matte lip - £1.40
Revlon Dark Pleasures nail polish in talk dirty (3x at £0.69)
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro - £0.99

I didn't see any swatches of this before buying, but the black base and gold shimmer reminded me of China Glaze wagon trail, Dior czarina gold, and d&g stromboli.
I was instantly drawn to it so I picked up 3 for gifts and for myself.

W7 Matte Lipstick
 Sorry I don't have the name of this, the clear film that was holding this together had the name, and without knowing I chucked it in the bin, but this photo is a pretty true representation of what the colour is in real life.

I usually don't like matte lipsticks, but since this applies like a gloss first, it didn't dry out my lips, and I think the colour suits me.

And although the Rimmel shimmery dark blue isn't new to my collection, I was pleasantly pleased when I opened it and it had a flat brush!! I love Dior's brush and I was wondering why every company didn't make that brush? It is divine! It helps with even and precise application. Oh man, I like this Rimmel nail polish even better.

Well I'm going to do some comparison swatches later this week, but wanted to show my really cheap haul today.  I'm suppose to have a zero shopping haul, but I just couldn't resist at these prices. I mean seriously, who could? lol

So if you have a TJ Hughes closing, go on down, you never know what you will find, they had: Calvin Klein, Revlon, Maybelline, BYS, W7, a boat load of hair products (I mean an entire wall), Rimmel, Urban Decay and so much more. 

What I really wanted was the YSL touche eclat, but they had a ton, and I think I'm going to wait until their last few days before they really shut down and go and buy them really really cheap.  But if you want one, they are currently £21 with 20% off. 

Happy bargain shopping beauty huntresses!

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