Friday, July 8, 2011


Say what you want to say about Peridot, it's one of those polishes people love love love or hate hate hate.  I'm  cool-toned person who doesn't follow the rules about what colour people look good with, etc.  I mean green and gold are warm, so naturally this polish should be ruled out of my book, but there was something about this, an allure or something so not right for me, which ended up making it right for me.

A lot of people don't like it, because the green & gold washes them out.  Then you throw in the cool tone blue and all the rules go out the door.  I understand where they are coming from however.  This is really an unflattering colour for everyone pretty much, but this is not a rant review, but a rave.  Let me tell you why. This polish is a chameleon.  It flatters everyone...well everyone who wants to wear a non-traditional and "ugly" colour on their nails.  That describes me to the tee.  From a distance, this is a murky greenish/gold/mossy looking metallic mess, but something about this colour to me is unique and quite urban.  It's for the non traditional feminine girl, who likes to wear spike jewellery, slashed t-shirts, and really out of date and "unfashionable" garments.  
That's one type of girl, the other type of girl is the one who likes duochromes, heck in this case it's tri-coloured: blue, green, gold.  So if you are into that, you'll also love this polish as well.  Honestly, just for the amazing formula alone, you should get this. When have we known a metallic (and I mean highly metallic) nail polish to NOT be streaky. GASP!!!!!! I use to run from metallics, but Chanel really raised the bar and this was non streaky and glided on so well onto my nails.  

Ok sorry for babbling, onto the most important part..PICS...

All three colours are captured here

Hint of blue shining through

Overall look is this greenish/gold metallic

 Other than the duochromes in my collection, this polish is the most fluid and constantly changing polish that I own.  I really think Chanel did an amazing job and I can't wait to get my hands onto Graphite next.

This is available now in the states, UK has to wait until about August. 


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  1. you got this!! Well jel!

  2. :) I am in love with this right now haha

  3. I love this! I want it so badly, even though it was from a while ago! <3