Monday, July 4, 2011

Incoco Color Enamel Strips Manicure in Berry Rich

I'm not sure what came first..Sally Hansen nail strips or Incoco. All I know is that Incoco is more expensive and not as readily available as the Sally Hansen ones are.  I got this as part of an exchange gift from someone in the U.S. and I wanted to test this out to see how it compared to the Sally Hansen strips. 

Sally Hansen lasted on my hands for roughly 3 days before giving me tipwear.  I was also quite happy with the colour selection and overall performance for it's price.

So here is my experience with Incoco.

Packaging is not too fancy and honestly the colour looked pretty classic and standard in the package, but was gorgeous on my nails.

Here you get everything that you get in the Sally Hansen strips, but you get the nail polish remover with this one and 2 french strips. Not sure why just 2, but it was included.

Directions are very simple and easy to follow.
Application is a cinch.

You get 20 nails and the extras are so if you rip one and also there is a special tape so that you can reseal the package if you have extras.  These will dry out if you don't seal them properly. So that tape is actually convenient, because the Sally Hansen one do not have the seal included and you're on your own to re-sesal them.

You just press the strips onto you nail and you file off the extra 

Much prettier on the nails than in the package right?

This is Day 1

Day 2
 By Day 2, I was itching to change my polish haha
But I wanted to stick by my test to see how long these lasted.

Day 3

 Day 3 consisted of heavy house cleaning, and still just minor tip wear. By Day 3, I wanted to bag this experiment all together and wear the new frankened polish I made LOL.

Day 4
 More tip wear, but nothing too noticable unless you were staring at my nails from this angle :) Pretty impressive.  4 days of typing online all day long, heavy house cleaning and still no issues, but definitely sign of tip wear.

Day 5
Ok so on Day 5, I noticed my nails have grown significantly.  You can tell by the gap between the polish and my cuticles. Tipwear was more prevalent on my middle finger, but the others were still not noticable. 

This would have lasted all of 6 days, but I had an unfortunate accident with my thumb and had to take off my polish to see how badly bruised up I was.  Yep my thumb on my right hand is definitely ugly now, luckily I only snap pics of my left hand, so I'll spare you the gory pictures hehe

This manicure lasted me a whole 6 days without looking horrendous.  This is absolutely worth the money.  It is perfect for when you go on vacation and don't want to carry nail polish with you.  The sheen/shimmer on the polish did not fade as well, so honestly if you are going somewhere for close to a week, these strips will be all that you need.

I probably could have gone all 7 days, but between the minor accident and wanting to try my new franken polish, I just went "aww it goes" :)

So if you are worrying about these nails strips not being worth the money, well I think this one is worth it if you aren't able to do your nails every day like me :)  

Hope you are all having a good weekend and if you haven't already...
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