Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream & My naked FOTD

My sister in law rocks, she got me this BB cream recently and I absolutely am obsessed with BB creams lately.  Who wouldn't right? It's a moisturizer, skin brightener, spf sunscreen, and primer all mixed into one.  I'm lucky that I haven't had any adverse reaction to any of the BB creams (granted I only tried two) and I'm having some good results ever since using them.

Now most people use BB creams as a substitute for moisturizer and although I think BB creams would work as a moisturizer, my skin has been awfully dry lately so I need to pack on the moisture.

So with further ado, here is my new Missha BB Cream

Missha has a plastic case on top of the bottle which at first glance looks like something you would want to squeeze.  
It's a pretty package, but a bit wasteful.  But I suppose if you are going to charge a lot of more, the packaging should be a bit luxurious and elegant looking.
This bottle is a reverse pump bottle, instead of it sitting upright. You push down on the nozzle and basically it comes out.

Before I forget this Missha product can be found on various places starting from $10 - all the way up to $40.  Please be careful in purchasing BB creams on ebay, since there are a lot of fakes floating around.

These are the two BB creams that I currently own.


Skin79 is on top and the Missha is on the bottom

Honestly when it comes to comparing BB creams,
I really wanted to be able to you all that there was such a huge difference in these BB creams considering they are priced at different brackets, but I honestly can't tell you I noticed a difference.  The only slight different that I noticed was obviously the colour and the finish.  Skin79 left a dewy glos and Missha was a bit more matte.

I have read a lot of reviews and the one complaint that a lot of people had was that they couldn't find a BB cream that was their perfect colour. It was either too bright or too dark, and lots of bloggers recommended to search for your perfect colour.

I guess I don't feel it necessary to do so, unless you plan on wearing nothing but the BB cream.  If you are warm toned, a lot of the BB creams will flush you out, since they are very pale and meant to be a skin whitener. 

Since I wear foundation over my BB creams, I don't worry so much about finding my perfect match really.

Having said that, I am in between colours right now, I'm like a fair/medium, because my Miami tan has definitely faded :(
but in Missha I currently wear No. 21 light pink beige.

I am 31 and my skin has been going through a tons of change and I could bang my head up against the wall screaming, WHY ME? WHY ME?
Or I can embrace it. 

That's what I'm trying to do these days.
I want to nurture my skin and try to give myself the opportunity to age gracefully and believe me, I wouldn't love to have my skin again in my 20's, but that's life right? What can you do.  I also know that losing weight helps with your skin condition as well, and 
that is another one of my lifetime battles I'm fighting with.

Now my skincare routine has always been sporadic, and that's probably why I'm not optimizing the results, but here is what I use on a daily basis:

1) Clean face with Clarisonic - I am always changing cleansers, because I can never find one that I absolutely love so much. The closest I came to finding a cleanser I love is Clarins Gentle foaminc cottonseed cleanser.

2) Toner - currently using Dior Matifying Toner

3)  Moisturize - currently using various samples of high end products (cle de peau, guerlain, chanel, la mer, la praire)

4) Eye cream - currently using various samples of high end eye creams as well

5) Lip balm - Currently using La Mer the balm - my absolutely favourite lip balm

6) I use BB Cream as my last step in my skincare

so with much hesitation....
I am showing you all my naked FOTD.
I have nothing on my face except for my usual skincare routine and BB cream.
The picture isn't great, but you can tell that I have dark circles around my eyes,
discolouration on my cheeks and believe me....I have acne scars, but the camera didn't pick them up (thank god lol) and clearly I need to die my hair again ugh :( 


but this is me, naked.

I will say, since using BB creams, a lot of my discolouration has definitely faded.  I doubt that the dark colouring under my eye will go away, but that's why I always moisturize with eye cream and try to keep that part of my face moisturized always.

My goal is to repair the damage on my face and to lose weight and be healthy weight again, so I hope to do periodic naked FOTD to show you all how I'm progressing.

Who loves or hates BB creams?



    Next time smile, bet some of those spots go away ;p

  2. w00t! BB Cream! That Missha packaging is pretty! The one I got was just boring red with gold text. Bleh.

    P.S. Maybe you need to smile with teeth. Just kidding :P.

  3. hehe. That's the most I will smile for no reason. Maybe if I won the lotto, you guys will see teeth :)